Nanny jobs in Minnesota

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** Location: Maple Grove **
Start Date: ASAP
Full Time
Ages of Children: 5 and 3 years of age
Pay Rate: $30,000 a year salary
Hours: Monday - Friday 7:30 am - 5 pm with a little flexibility to accommodate an occasional earlier or later time.
Job Description: This family is looking for a full time nanny to assist with their two children. Their last nanny was with their family for over 5 years and they are hoping their new nanny can stay with their family for a few years until the youngest starts Kindergarten. They are looking for a fun loving, happy and energetic nanny who can provide a fun and caring environment for their children. The oldest child will be in school full time come fall and the youngest will start preschool on a part time basis. The nanny will need to help prepare the children in the morning and drop off and pick up from school. Other duties will include grocery shopping, running errands, light house cleaning, laundry, and scheduling appointments. The mother does work from home but is rarely visible during the day. Nanny must be comfortable with swimming with the children as they do have a pool at their home

** Location: Plymouth **
Start Date: Beginning of October
Part time - Full Time
Ages of Children: 2.5 year old and 3 month old
Pay Rate: $16+ Depending upon experience
Hours: Family is somewhat flexible with their scheduling. They were thinking four 9 hour days with one day off per week (day likely Friday or another day if it works better for the nanny). Family is also open to the nanny working 5 days per week, like 7 hours per day. 
Job Description: This family is looking for someone who will join their family and have their children's well being at the forefront of their every day. They are looking for a nanny who is willing to learn various behavior techniques and follow such guidelines to help encourage appropriate behavior in their 2.5 year old. The nanny will be responsible for planning various activities throughout the week to engage socialization and education with their children. They would also like the nanny to help around the home with every day tasks and light housekeeping/meal prep. 
Pets: Dog

** Location: Montevideo **
Start Date: Mid October 2017
Ages of Children: 8, 6, 4, 2, and newborn (Two additional teenage children on a part time basis, do not need assistance)
Pay Rate: $400+/week plus free room and board and additional benefits
Hours: 40 - 45 hours per week, with general hours of Monday - Friday. 3 full 8-10 hour days with an additional 2 half days.
Job Description: This busy family is looking for a live in nanny to join their team! This family is a very busy, professional and homeschooling family. They have many moving parts and they are looking for a nanny who can go with the flow, jump in wherever needed and provide a warm and secure environment for their children. Nanny will need to assist with helping the children with their homework but does not need to plan any curriculum. Nanny must be able to maintain a cheerful, patient and helpful attitude. Nanny will also need to help with light housekeeping tasks to ensure the household runs smoothly from day to day, run errands as needed and help with meal planning and preparation. Infant experience is also required as they welcome another baby! Family is providing an independent living space for their nanny plus an additional weekly salary of $400+, cell phone with unlimited calling and data, internet, auto insurance stipend, mileage reimbursement,  as well as opportunities to travel with the family at no cost to the nanny. 
Pets: Dog (hypoallergenic)
Parent does work from home.

** Location: Minneapolis **
Start Date: Mid September 2017
Part Time
Ages of Children: 9 and 5 years of age
Pay Rate: $17+
Hours: Monday-Friday 12 pm - 6 pm (hours can be reduced to 3:30 - 6 pm as a second option)
Job Description: Nanny and household manager is needed for this busy family of four. This family is looking for a nanny to come to their home prior to the children coming home from school to do some household management and light housekeeping duties. The nanny is also needed to pick the children up from school at 3 pm and drive them to various activities until 6 pm. They are looking for someone who is mature, reliable, organized, detail orientated, kind, and willing to help with many facets of their home life. They would also need someone who is flexible to work a full day from 9 am - 6 pm when the children our home due to non school days or due to illnesses. 

** Location: Plymouth **
Start Date: September 2017
Part Time
Ages of Children: 6 and 4 years of age
Pay Rate: $15
Hours: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 2:30 pm - 7 pm
Job Description: Nanny will be responsible for ensuring that children are picked up on time, receive them upon arrival, helping unpack and organize any homework, preparing meals and snacks for children. Nanny will also need to help with household duties such as organizing, making shopping lists if items are needed for the children, children's laundry, dishes, and sweeping and vacuuming of main areas.

** Location: Minneapolis **
Start Date: November 2017
Part Time
Ages of Children: Two year old and newborn
Pay Rate: $15-$16+ Depending upon experience
Hours: Nanny will be needed 3 - 3.5 days per week. Days will most likely be Wednesday - Friday and an additional half day on another given day.
Job Description: This family is looking for a nanny who is fluent in Spanish and can immerse their children in the Spanis language and culture. Nanny will be responsible for daily cares of a toddler and newborn including assistance with potty training, maintaining a healthy sleeping schedule, preparing healthy meals, assist with keeping the home neat and organized, assist with childrens' laundry. Infant experience is also required of the nanny. Family is open to a nanny who would like to bring their child to work with them if the child is similar in age to their oldest child. (More info coming soon!)
Pets: Dog

** Location: Bloomington **
Start Date: September 5th, 2017
Part Time, After School
Ages of Children: 12 year old
Pay Rate: $13
Hours: Monday - Friday  3 pm - 6 pm with some occasional later hours
Job Description: This family is looking for someone who can assist the mother with her school aged child after school hours. He will need to be picked up and driven to various activities. He is a very busy athlete so the nanny will be helping ensure he gets to the necessary locations when needed. Nanny will be responsible for ensuring the child completes his household responsibilities and helping prepare healthy meals and snacks. Nanny will also need to be creative and able to connect with him while establishing healthy boundaries and roles. This is single parent household so the mother is really looking for someone who can become a part of the family and that she can comfortably hand over all responsibilities to while she is at work. Other duties will include light housekeeping, assisting with laundry, meal preparation, running errands and helping manage the son's activities calendar.

** Location: Lakeville **
Start Date: ASAP
Full Time
Ages of Children: 3 month old
Pay Rate: $15+
Hours: 3 full days per week
Job Description: Family expecting their first baby is looking for a part time nanny to come to their home and provide a safe and loving environment to their baby boy, who will be 3 months at the time of the nanny's start date. The family lives an active lifestyle and would like their nanny to engage their baby, help with proper developmental stages and who will also be affectionate to their family dog. Duties and expectations beyond child care will change as the baby grows but they are looking for someone who will help pick up and keep things tidy, run an occasional errand, assist with the baby's laundry, and anything related to the baby's daily cares.
Pets: Dog

** Location: Lakeville **

Start Date: August/September 2017

Part Time - Two Options (See below)

Ages of Children: 14, 12 and 10 years of age

Pay Rate: $17-$20 an hour

Hours: Monday - Friday after school hours only - or - Family can go up to 30 hours per week with two full days of household management, running errands, organization, etc.

Job Description: Busy family with three active children is looking for a highly professional, experienced and intuitive nanny/household manager. The children are in various activities therefor the nanny will be responsible for schedule and calendar management and transporting the children to and from activities. Nanny must be able to properly supervise the children and connect with them while also being an authoritative figure for them. Household management duties will include running errands such as dry cleaning, grocery shopping, ensuring children have school supplies, etc. In home expectations will include calendar management, laundry, light housekeeping, meal preparation and planning, and helping keep home organized and running smoothly. The family require their care provider to take initiative in all aspects of this position.